This page is for Maggy & Viviana to make note of how many months of dues students have worked off. Leave the following info in the comments section: Student’s first name and initial (so it’s not searchable), event worked & date, how many months are covered, and who left the message (Maggy or Viviana).


  1. Example.
    Student A. worked Gallery Night on 6-1-10 for two months’ worth of dues. MC or VP

  2. Mauricio prepped the Artseen Gallery for Aramis’ show on July 3, earning August dues. -cg

  3. Franky, Mauricio, Azizi & Felipe helped moved donations from the upholstery workshop during the week of July 7, for 1 month each.
    Maggy is having Felipe work, in exchange for an additional 3 months

  4. Felipe helped Christy build studios on July 22 in exchange for 1 month’s dues. cg

  5. burko working for maggy as teaching assistant until may

  6. dona a will work for maggy for the remainder of the school year in exchange for her studio dues.

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