Posted by: artseenspace | March 5, 2012

Leo Castañeda: Levels & Bosses

As a start to the new year, the Artseen Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Leo Castañeda titled “Levels and Bosses”, Opening Saturday, January 14th at 5pm during Wynwood’s Second Saturday Artwalk.

Castañeda creates works that link elements of the past, present and future into a timeless mythology. This myth is organized under the hierarchies of video games where environments are known as “Levels”, and the personified environments/ characters are called “Bosses”. Visually, the result is a mix of atmospheric Romantic landscapes and an oriental Zen aesthetic, created with minimalist geometric and abstracted elements. Though the works begin as paintings, they branch out into animations, comic books, sculptures and live performances.

Attend the exhibit to experience a survey of nearly three years worth of work, focused mostly on “Level One”, a colossal explosion where solids, liquids and gases are interchangeable, and “The First Boss”, a black rectangular box that is the source and end of the entire “Level”.

A special performance will be on view, only during opening night.
The exhibition will be on view by appointment only through the end of January by contacting

Leo Castañeda graduated New World School of the Arts in 2006 and The Cooper Union 2010. This spring he will attend Hunter College to pursue his MFA.