Posted by: artseenspace | May 26, 2011

Viking Funeral: Audio Workshop

Audio as Art Material

WORKSHOP with The Viking Funeral (Carlos Ascurra and Juan Gonzalez)

CONCEPT: Workshop will look at how audio may function as an art material. We will draw on our own experiences as artists working with audio and with music-related imagery. We will also look at other audio-rich art practices that have influenced us.

First 20-25 minutes: Present a series of art practices that have employed audio, as well as fringe musical genres (DIY noise, in particular), that serve as precedent for Viking Funeral’s practices. This will be done through a powerpoint presentation, and video and audio clips.

Last 40 minutes: As the hands-on part of the workshop, we will produce a series of audio clips with the students employing the analogue technologies (pedals, instruments, altered amplifiers) that serve as our main art-producing means in the studio.

APRIL 27, 7-8 PM
2215 NW 2ND AVE


Under the moniker Viking Funeral Juan Gonzalez and Carlos Ascurra collaboratively explore the constructs of DIY music subcultures. Through the use of sculpture, collage, sound, and performance they examine the self-governed parameters, identities, and propaganda formed by annexed groups of people. Their work occasionally attempts to deconstruct or confuse vernacular via fake flyers for shows, and fake fanzines, etc. Although, as a point of distinction, Viking Funeral also functions in a “scene” as a band which plays (subversively) live and loud.