Posted by: artseenspace | February 1, 2010

Fat Thug Fantasy

Fat Thug Fantasy
Vector Group Show

Fat Thug Fantasy, a vector show focusing on split subjects and controlled color themes is ready to take you on a magical fairy tail ride of saturated fat, and gangster reps this January at the Miami Artseen Gallery. The opening reception will be held on January 9th during the monthly Wynwood District Art Walk. The exhibit will run from January 9th February to February 12th. After the opening, Artseen is open to the public by appointment.

Fat Thug Fantasy brings the crazy vibes of your commonwealth ideals of obesity, the fantastical, and thug, with a ghetto methodology all while being tightly knit through the execution of vectors. Coinciding with these irrelative themes are color channels built into each theme dynamically linking the work of multiple artists into a cohesive body of arguments.

Fat Thug Fantasy is curated by Miami based artists Micah Milner, Samuel Lopez De Victoria, and Kirkland Hyman. Micah Milner has a strong history of graphic design work as well as an articulate background in fine arts. Samuel Lopez De Victoria only recently started curating after years of interactive video work and animations based on synsthesia, and Kikland Hyman has a vast understanding of animation and is a designer in his own right.
If you wish to contact us please call (863) 602 4715 or e-mail us at FatThugFantasy (at)


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